( The questions with * means Mandatory. )
 1. Name*
 2. Phone*
 3. Charger ID*
 4. What is the domain name you are requesting?*
     i.t.solutions provides the DNS service for UAHuntsville and manages the uah.edu domain. A DNS name is only required if you have a system that is providing a service such as http, ssh, ftp, etc, that users access via the network.
    Cononical Name (CNAME) such as example.uah.edu 
 5. When is this domain name needed?*
     Note:DNS changes are made only on Tuesdays, so your request fulfillment date may not fall exactly on the date specified.
 6. What Record Type(s) are you requesting?*
    "A" Record
    Please provide IP Address: 
    If you are requesting an alias, please provide the CNAME Associated with the "A" Record: 
    Please provide mail service names:
    Please provide Microsoft SRV information:
 7. What is the service that will be accessed?*
    Web Site
    SSH Connection
    FTP Service
    If Other, please specify