( The questions with * means Mandatory. )
 1. Name*
 2. Phone*
 3. Charger ID*
 4. Please select one of the available software packages. *
 5. What operating system (OS) is running on the machine(s)?
 6. Please indicate how many copies you need.*
 7. List the MAC Address and UAHuntsville Tag Number for each computer to have the software.*
 8. Please provide the names of people to whom the software will be licensed.*
 9. Please indicate the Building and Room numbers where the computers are located. *
 10. Please refer to the following table for information to complete the Transfer Authorization Form
Windows 7 or 8 Pro Upgrade $ 0.00 Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 $ 61.95
Microsoft Office $ 0.00 Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6 $ 146.03
Project 2010 Standard $ 80.33 Adobe Illustrator CS6 $ 97.35
Visio Pro $ 97.87 Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Std $ 218.60
Windows Server 2012 R2 Std (2 processors) $ 298.33 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 $ 97.35
SPSS (Individual New Install or Upgrade) $ 0.00 SPSS (Labs New Install or Upgrade) $ 0.00
    If you want to order something that is not in the list provided, please indicate that here.:
 11. How much is the total budget transfer request?*
 12. Please provide information regarding the budget office making the request.*
    Budget Code 
    Budget Head (who will sign the transfer authorization) 
 13. How will the signed budget Transfer Authorization been submitted to i.t.solutions?*
     This request requires a signed budget Transfer Authorization Form